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    The President

    Mr. Rizki Kresno Edhie Hambali – President Director at Conwood Indonesia

    Starting from our philosophy of conserving Indonesia’s Rainforest, Conwood Indonesia is committed to innovate solutions on wood replacement as a primary construction material.

    With 1.2 million hectometers of forests cut down annually, Indonesia is currently labeled as a country with one of the fastest deforestation. This rate of destruction may bring out fatal consequences in the future and it is this same fact that acts as a waking call for us – a realization that it truly is our responsibility to prevent future consequences from happening and to restore our forest’s sustainability.

    By this, Conwood Indonesia provides an eco friendly alternative option for designers to continue designing traditional houses, wooden artistic resorts, commercial buildings and many more.

    We believe that a home is its owner’s masterpiece and pride. Conwood Indonesia preserves durability, aesthetic values and ease of maintenance of a home in addition to conserving the sustainability of our rainforest.

    At last, Conwood Indonesia aims to  take position as trusted partner, providing solution for a sustainable future.

    Let’s Join our conservation journey !!

    Build faster and save our forest