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    Prevent Your Door Frame From Termite Attack

    Sometimes, using a real wood for your house can cause problems, one of which is termite attack. Surely, you dont want to make it happens. So, how to prevent your house from termite?

    Conwood Administrator
    Guys, have you ever noticed the bottom of your door frame? If you find unusual things at the bottom of the door, such as sawdust or creck on your paint between door frame and wall. You should have to worry of termite. A termite attack detected from the broken on the bottom of your door frame. A termite attack always start from the door frame which direct to the ground.

    Don’t let those things disturb your look, because as an entrance, a door is reflect an aesthetic from the beginning. The solution is, you have to change your door frame with a termite free product.

    With Conwood Door Frame, you will get a door frame for a free termite, weather resistant and the looks like a real wood. Conwood Door Frame present in 3 size, that is door with 70cm, 80cm, and 90 cm width, with 210cm height which can be application with any color so that you can fit it with your taste or needs. For your convenience of process, Conwood Door Frame also be equipped with the installation instruction and hole as a marker of locking to the wall.

    So, Guys? Are you ready to change your door frame with a termite free product?    


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