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    Conwood Blog - 5 Ide Memanfaatkan Halaman Belakang Rumah

    5 Ideas To Maximize Your Backyard

    If you frequently spent time at outdoor, backyard is an alternative solution for your activities. Here is a few tips how to maximize your backyard!

    Conwood Blog - Cegah Serangan Rayap Pada Kusen Anda

    Prevent Your Door Frame From Termite Attack

    Sometimes, using a real wood for your house can cause problems, one of which is termite attack. Surely, you dont want to make it happens. So, how to prevent your house from termite?

    Conwood Blog - Tips Jitu Membersihkan Rumah Pasca Banjir

    Tips To Clean Your House After The Flood

    A continuous rain can lead a flood in the certain areas in Indonesia. If you’re one of them, surely it can disturb you so much. Here is a few information how to clean your house after floods in the right way!

    Conwood Blog - Innovating A Beautiful Planet

    Innovating A Beautiful Planet

    Using a real wood for your construction besides for it magnificence, it turns to damage the forest in Indonesia. Here’s solution to decor your house without destroy our forest!

    Conwood Blog - Dekorasi Rumah Impian

    Dream House Decor

    Build a dream house is everyone’s dreaming. Besides of that, we can deliver inspiration in every part of the dream house. So, what should we do first to build a dream house?

    Conwood Blog - Tren Rumah Dekorasi Kayu

    The Trend of Wood Decorating House

    Currently, a wood house decoration becomes a popular house. Besides of it magnificence, a wood house can provide a comfortable for the owner. Check this out to get more further information about wood house!