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    The Trend of Wood Decorating House

    Currently, a wood house decoration becomes a popular house. Besides of it magnificence, a wood house can provide a comfortable for the owner. Check this out to get more further information about wood house!

    Conwood Administrator

    To start a new year, trend changes, from furniture until house style. But, there is one trend that can’t be changed. Wood as a decorative elements still people choose because it can change you house look into a natural and comfortable.

    Wood as the most supporting elements for a dream house still become a favorite house decoration for a long time.but you have to know, an excessive use of wood causing a damage world. To keep world stable and still have your dream house, you can to change the real wood with Conwood. Conwood product made from mixed of cellulose fibre cement. Processed with a high technology which an eco friendlu, so that produce a premium quality of woods. And then, for another advantages which can make you comfort with your dream house decoration.

    Decorative element

    Are you bored with a monotonous wall in your house? A new innovation from Conwood Plank 8” can be a good choice to change your wall to be more interested and natural. Conwood Plank 8” is a multifunction board that can be use for eaves or wall cover, with a beautiful looks like the real wood and easy to apply. You can to use Conwood as a decorative elements to another application such as eaves and ceiling or floor. There are some variation products from Conwood to give a beautiful and natural look but still an eco friendly product for your house.

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