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    PT Conwood Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Conwood

    Conwood Indonesia

    PT Conwood Indonesia is a wholly owned subsidiary of Conwood Co., Ltd. (Thailand) and a group company of Siam City Cement Public Co., Ltd.
    (Thailand), one of the largest cements, cement products and aggregates manufacturer in Thailand. PT Conwood Indonesia was established in 2011 and
    started its operations in 2012 to distribute Conwood products in Indonesia. PT Conwood Indonesia is providing innovative wood replacement solutions
    for Property businesses and Construction industry. Our product applications are made from high quality cement and the best recycled fiber, using the
    best technology from Switzerland, both for traditional and non-traditional building decoration needs. PT Conwood Indonesia is innovative to combine
    beauty, ease and real woodworking with the strength and the durability of concrete.

    According to Conwood’s philosophy of natural preservation, PT Conwood Indonesia’s vision is “to be the trusted partner in providing solutions for
    sustainable future” and its mission is “developing, producing and selling innovative architectural building material products with 0% wood”. In order to
    achieve this, PT Conwood Indonesia is supported by 130 talented employees that are distributed in our Head Office, located at Menara Jamsostek Gatot
    Soebroto and in our manufacturing plant. Our manufacturing plant started its operations in 2014, it is built on an 8-hectare land area and is located
    at Jababeka Industrial Estate. Our latest organisational structure is led by the President Director, supported by 1 (one) Director who is responsible
    for Finance and Strategic Business Planning followed by 5 (five) General Manager that are responsible for Sales & Marketing, Strategic Business
    Planning, People & Compliance, Supply Chain Management and Operations and R&D. Our dynamic organisational structure makes an
    agile and adaptable company, both internally and externally. PT Conwood Indonesia is committed to provide products with
    standardised quality and proper processes and are according to customers’ needs. To achieve this commitment, PT Conwood Indonesia
    received international certifications to satisfy internationally recognised procedures. In 2017, PT Conwood Indonesia received the SGS
    certification for integrated management system for quality, safety, health and environment based on ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, and ISO
    14001:2015. In 2020, we undergo recertification and has been upgraded from OHSAS 18001:2007 to OHSAS 45001:2018. With this certifications,
    we are ensuring consistencies in product quality and processes to fulfil our customers’ needs, ensuring safe/healthy organisational processes to
    prevent work accidents and work-related illnesses, and ensuring correct organisational processes that prevent environmental pollutions.
    Following the OHSAS (Occupational Health And Safety), it is compulsory for every employee who are working in the factory area to use personal
    protective equipment at all times. Employees who do not comply will receive sanctions.

    President Director
    Rizki Kresno Edhie Hambali

    Menara Jamsostek Building, North Tower Floor 14
    Jl. Jend. Gatot Soebroto No. 38, South Jakarta – 12710 Indonesia

    Manufacture – Building Material

    To be the trusted partner in providing solutions for sustainable future

    Head Count
    130 Employees


    Following Indonesia’s labor regulation, our working hours starts from 8 am until 5 pm, 5 (five) days a week or from Monday to Friday.
    Due to Covid-19 global pandemic which started in March/April 2020, PT Conwood Indonesia applied for ‘Work from Home’ (WFH) scheme,
    creating a more flexible working hours especially for the Head Office and/or supporting functions employees. Employees who need to
    work from the office because of the nature of their jobs can still do so, however they must undergo testings such as temperature checking and
    other health check measures. Moreover, PT Conwood Indonesia provides face masks, hand sanitisers and vitamin C tablets for each employee to
    support their overall healths. In March 2020, we conducted our first drug tests, resulting in 0 cases of drug uses by any employees at PT
    Conwood Indonesia. We will continue this program in the following years as our ongoing effort to prevent drug abuse and illicit trafficking
    of narcotics, psychotropic substances and other addictive substances in the workplace. With regard to employees’ benefit, PT Conwood Indonesia’s Top
    Management strives to provide attractive benefits as a source of motivation for our employees as well prospective employees. We provide
    attractive benefits such as BPJS Jamsostek (National Social Security and Healthcare Security), Medical Insurance, maternity allowance, eyeglasses
    and frame allowance, annual medical check-up, health vaccination, and leave period. At PT Conwood Indonesia, we believe in engaging every
    employee to the fullest through employee activities such as outbound activities, sports activities (futsal, table tennis and badminton), town hall
    meeting, breakfast time with management, employee dinner, training program and employee scholarship program.

    Finally, in order to promote our brand nationwide and to attract prospective employees, we are developing strategies to promote our
    brand via Conwood’s website and social medias. We are creating valuable contents in Youtube, Facebook and Instagram to promote our products
    and projects. The goal is so that people can have better understanding about Conwood Indonesia and become intrigued about our products
    and are keen to try our products themselves. To increase our sales volume, we work together with Mitra 10 and online marketplace channels
    such as Bukalapak and Tokopedia to provide attractive promotional programs. We also conduct activities to engage our clients via yearly
    Retail Gathering and Distributor Forum.


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